Three Fictional Character Description


This was assigned for the purpose of using the words and phrases we know in Spanish to describe people, what they are like, what they like, and where they like to go. These are important to learn because learning which verbs go with which pronoun is very difficult, but vital when learning Spanish.

Yo soy independiente, creativa, y cómica. Me gusta comer, dormir, y mirar Netflix.

How Vision Works

In order to see there must be lightsource, because without light everything is black. The emits particles called photons, which bounce off solid objects in all directions before reaching the eye. In order to see these particles must first go through the cornea, then the crystalline lense behind the pupil, then the vitreous body( the middle of the eye), finally they reach the retina and stop at the retinal pigment epithelium where they set off nerve pulses, that are directed to the optic nerve. Then the go through the optic pathways, before arriving at the occipital brain where the image is formed.