Genius Hour

For my genius hour project I am learning how to crochet. I have always been intrigued by the idea of crocheting and now I’m finally pursuing my interest. My mom and I have enrolled in crocheting classes that will begin in a week or two. I’m very excited for this project and curious for where this might lead me.




I asked my great aunt “What is something you struggle with on a daily basis?”, and she replied “I struggle with feeling safe in my own home, and going out because I live alone.”

I started thinking of possible solutions to her problem. My first idea was that she can just install a security system, but later realized it might not be as simple as I originally thought, because like many other elderly adults she is on a fixed income, and cannot afford it.

Next, I thought she could buy a firearm for emergencies, but then found that older people are more likely than the average person to suffer self-inflicted gunshot wounds, as accidental or intentional injuries, therefore this would only worsen the situation.

Finally I thought she could get a dog. Pets have been proven to reduce stress and lessen loneliness, and studies have shown that having a dog improves overall comfort and helps the owner feel safer, therefore solving my aunt’s problems.

History’s Hero

In the 1800’s one person led hundreds of slaves to freedom. She escaped and wanted to help her family and other African Americans. Her name is Harriet Tubman, and she is my hero.
Harriet was very intelligent. She avoided capture when she came back to free other slaves. Harriet planned the escapes of over 300 African Americans, and never lost a single person.
At the same time she was brave. When she was escaped, she left alone not knowing anyone up North. She came back to help others even though there was a price for her head.
Still she had to be stern to accomplish these things. Harriet once threatened to shoot a man, because he tried to go back. She knew that if he did this it would jeopardize the whole group. The way to the “safe house” was the most dangerous part of the journey. She demanded that they be silent and alert.
Overall Harriet was an intelligent, stern, and brave person that should be acknowledged and admired by by everyone.

Sluggish Sloth

You’re as quick as a snail .

Roaming the trees

As slow as you please.


You know that you are lazy.

There’s no need to pretend

That any other creature can contend.


Valentine’s Day

 Day cards are sent annually making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.



New Year’s Resolutions

                  Happy New Year’s!!!One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to step up to the plate with my relationship with the Lord.I haven’t been up to standards so far,and that’s got to change!I also have set a goal to stop and listen for a difference.I need to slow down and stop trying to go so fast.My last resolution is to acomplish all goals my of course.