History’s Hero

In the 1800’s one person led hundreds of slaves to freedom. She escaped and wanted to help her family and other African Americans. Her name is Harriet Tubman, and she is my hero.
Harriet was very intelligent. She avoided capture when she came back to free other slaves. Harriet planned the escapes of over 300 African Americans, and never lost a single person.
At the same time she was brave. When she was escaped, she left alone not knowing anyone up North. She came back to help others even though there was a price for her head.
Still she had to be stern to accomplish these things. Harriet once threatened to shoot a man, because he tried to go back. She knew that if he did this it would jeopardize the whole group. The way to the “safe house” was the most dangerous part of the journey. She demanded that they be silent and alert.
Overall Harriet was an intelligent, stern, and brave person that should be acknowledged and admired by by everyone.