How Vision Works

In order to see there must be lightsource, because without light everything is black. The emits particles called photons, which bounce off solid objects in all directions before reaching the eye. In order to see these particles must first go through the cornea, then the crystalline lense behind the pupil, then the vitreous body( the middle of the eye), finally they reach the retina and stop at the retinal pigment epithelium where they set off nerve pulses, that are directed to the optic nerve. Then the go through the optic pathways, before arriving at the occipital brain where the image is formed.




I asked my great aunt “What is something you struggle with on a daily basis?”, and she replied “I struggle with feeling safe in my own home, and going out because I live alone.”

I started thinking of possible solutions to her problem. My first idea was that she can just install a security system, but later realized it might not be as simple as I originally thought, because like many other elderly adults she is on a fixed income, and cannot afford it.

Next, I thought she could buy a firearm for emergencies, but then found that older people are more likely than the average person to suffer self-inflicted gunshot wounds, as accidental or intentional injuries, therefore this would only worsen the situation.

Finally I thought she could get a dog. Pets have been proven to reduce stress and lessen loneliness, and studies have shown that having a dog improves overall comfort and helps the owner feel safer, therefore solving my aunt’s problems.